5 Ways to Decorate Your Office With Plants

Commercial plants can require more staging than residential plants. Not only do they need to be strategically placed and posed for your guests, but they should also be situated in areas where they are not causing obstruction or taking up valuable space. It won’t say good things about your attention to detail if your office plants are withering in the corner!

The good news is that there are many ways to stage your plants around your office, especially if you’re willing to get creative. Here are just eight design ideas for workplace flowers and foliage.

1. Trees

Do you have high or vaulted ceilings? Consider putting a tree in your office. There are small species like weeping figs and dragon trees that can be grown in pots and maintained to stay under ceiling height; and they’ll become an instant icebreaker whenever new clients come into your office for the first time, just make sure that you install them somewhere with plenty of natural light.

2. Bookends

If you have bookcases or bookshelves in your office, you can spruce them up by adding a little green to your bookends. Flowers such as orchids or bromiliads can be posed in or around your existing pieces, or you can use two symmetrical flowerpots to function as bookends by themselves.

3. Flowered Camouflage

Do you share a partition with another cubicle? Or maybe you’re in one of those open-floor buildings full of windows and transparency. You can give yourself some privacy by installing a big, leafy plant in front of your window or partition that will block your neighbor’s view of you. Who says camouflage has to be in desert colors?

4. Miniature Zen Garden

This is a sneaky way to get some fresh air into an office where big plants aren’t allowed. In addition to the sands and rocks of your Zen garden, you can also include tiny plants like camellias and nandinas. You can even include bamboo stalks! They’ll bring a little hint of nature indoors without requiring huge amounts of maintenance or attention.

5. Hanging Baskets

If you’re looking for a unique way to show off your plant life, consider hanging baskets. They can be filled with flowers and vines that would overcrowd a regular pot, and their bright colors and messy growth patterns can turn into a design element rather than an inconvenience.

These are just a few ways to stage your office plants. As you can see, the possibilities are many and varied, so don’t be afraid to experiment. Get in touch with an office plant professional in your area who can share all their tricks of the trade on how to best decorate your office using plants.

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