The Root Awakening; The Story of PlantFinderPro

How the Idea for PlantFinderPro Originated?


Here is where the story of PlantFinderPro began. After planning and organizing a wedding, founder and owner of PlantFinderPro, Denise Carrozza (formally Senior) realized that most of the products and services for the big day were either bought or sourced online.  The WeddingWire platform was where most of the products or services for the wedding had been sourced. From venues, to wedding planners, to cakes and even her dress, all of it, was either sourced or bought online.

As she sat relaxing on the island of St. Kitts on her honeymoon, reflecting on how the wedding went; it suddenly dawned on her, people now source services and make buying decisions differently than they had in the past, regardless of what they are buying or trying to source.

Connection web sites such as The Wedding Wire, or even more service orientated sites like Angies List or Home Advisor have realized connecting people to businesses satisfies this need for selecting products differently than they used to.

The newly Mrs. Carrozza was certain some industries were just not keeping up.  One such industry is the one she ‘grew up in’ and loves, the horticultural and interiorscaping industry.

Denise had also saw forecasts that construction rates are said to grow between 8% and 12% in the top 14 U.S. cities from 2016 to 2018. New construction means potential for growth within the interiorscaping and horticultural industry for both existing plant customers and new plant prospects; so, the plan started to form!  

Provide a service that fills the huge digital sourcing gap in the interiorscaping industry and at a time when more commercial property managers, facilities managers, interior designers, and the hospitality segments are going to be searching for them.  

The idea of PlantFinderPro, a business which connects businesses seeking different types of plants, container design, holiday décor, and other horticultural services to the best interiorscaping professionals throughout North America, was born!  

Passion Linked with Past Experience

Denise has been in the interiorscaping industry since graduating from college in the U.K almost 20 years ago.  She has held almost every role in the industry from service technician, to sales consultant, to branch manager, and finally the U.S Director of Sales for the largest interiorscaper in the U.S. Over her years in the industry, Denise has traveled extensively in Europe, Dubai, and Asia gaining exposure to many different plant styles and planting methods, as well as many different styles and designs of plant pots and plant containers.   

With a personal passion for interior design, she has been aware for many years of the lack of innovative styles of planters that are simply not available in the U.S. but are the norm in many European cities.  For years, she would dream of bringing more design-lead planters to the interiorscaping community in the U.S. bridging another gap in the industry.  Could this be another area PlantFinderPro could help drive the industry forward?  

Not only was the lack of new plant pot design absent, but the ease and efficiency of being able to view sizing, finished and pricing, as well as online order placement was also missing.  The planter designs she especially admired are designed and manufactured by Livingreen Design; the world’s largest designer and manufacturer of planters.  However, they had no U.S channel to supply their ground-breaking planters.

couture range 1The things Denise loves about the Livingreen Design products designs are the wide range of colors and textured finishes, interesting forms, and wide range of available sizes. Functionally, the planters are completely watertight, making them suitable for both indoor as well as outdoor plant use and are fully frost-proof.  

These planters are all handcrafted from a specific formulation of fiberglass.  The ease of viewing, selecting, and purchasing these containers is also something that she admired and exemplifies excellence in customer service.

So, Denise decided PlantFinderPro should become the sole U.S distributor of Livinggreen Design products and began setting up the buying and delivery channels needed to bring these designs to life in the U.S.  The aim of PlantFinderPro was also now to make European-style, design-lead containers more accessible and easy to source in the U.S.  She is branding the line The Couture Range; the designs can now be viewed and ordered online direct from the website.

PlantFinderPro Today

Today PlantFinderPro (PFP) works in five service categories: live plant services, replica plant services, green walls, exterior plants, and holiday design to connects businesses seeking these services to members of the PFP Network.  The PFP Network is compiled of the best industry professionals of each U.S city.  It also brings a little European style to the U.S by making the Couture Range of planters available.

To learn more about PlantFinderPro, click here!

PlantFinderPro Announces the Launch of The Couture Range of Planters

couture 4PlantFinderPro is excited to announce the launch of The Couture Range, a high-end design range of plant containers, designed and manufactured by Livingreen Design.  As the sole U.S distributor of these products, PlantFinderPro aims to make European-style, design-lead planters more accessible and easy to source in the U.S. The official launch date for The Couture Range is April 10th, 2017.

PlantFinderPro believes The Couture Range will provide unique sizes, forms, textures, colors, and finishes previously unavailable in the U.S, to make a bold statement in any space.  The Couture Range will be an excellent addition in commercial buildings, a retail setting, or as part of any restaurant or hospitality decor.

The best way to view the range is online via the PlantFinderPro website where you can see each style, available sizes, colors and finishes as well as retail pricing.  Trade pricing can be accessed once an account is set up.

Karen Sawyer, Director of Sales and Marketing for Livingreen Design, says, “After seeing the success of our products in Europe and the Middle east, we have been trying to find a channel to bring our products to the U.S. market for many years.  PlantFinderPro, with their industry know-how, was the natural choice as a partner.”

Company Bio:

PlantFinderPro connects businesses seeking indoor plants, potted plants, container design, holiday décor, and other horticultural services to the best interiorscaping professionals throughout North America. We help make your office, lobby, hotel, or retail space a better place for your colleagues or customers by connecting you to the professionals that have the expertise and know-how to bring your design vision to life!  The Couture Range of Planters, distributed exclusively through PlantFinderPro allows interiorscapers and designers access to European-style planters.

5 Ways to Decorate Your Office With Plants

Commercial plants can require more staging than residential plants. Not only do they need to be strategically placed and posed for your guests, but they should also be situated in areas where they are not causing obstruction or taking up valuable space. It won’t say good things about your attention to detail if your office plants are withering in the corner!

The good news is that there are many ways to stage your plants around your office, especially if you’re willing to get creative. Here are just eight design ideas for workplace flowers and foliage.

1. Trees

Do you have high or vaulted ceilings? Consider putting a tree in your office. There are small species like weeping figs and dragon trees that can be grown in pots and maintained to stay under ceiling height; and they’ll become an instant icebreaker whenever new clients come into your office for the first time, just make sure that you install them somewhere with plenty of natural light.

2. Bookends

If you have bookcases or bookshelves in your office, you can spruce them up by adding a little green to your bookends. Flowers such as orchids or bromiliads can be posed in or around your existing pieces, or you can use two symmetrical flowerpots to function as bookends by themselves.

3. Flowered Camouflage

Do you share a partition with another cubicle? Or maybe you’re in one of those open-floor buildings full of windows and transparency. You can give yourself some privacy by installing a big, leafy plant in front of your window or partition that will block your neighbor’s view of you. Who says camouflage has to be in desert colors?

4. Miniature Zen Garden

This is a sneaky way to get some fresh air into an office where big plants aren’t allowed. In addition to the sands and rocks of your Zen garden, you can also include tiny plants like camellias and nandinas. You can even include bamboo stalks! They’ll bring a little hint of nature indoors without requiring huge amounts of maintenance or attention.

5. Hanging Baskets

If you’re looking for a unique way to show off your plant life, consider hanging baskets. They can be filled with flowers and vines that would overcrowd a regular pot, and their bright colors and messy growth patterns can turn into a design element rather than an inconvenience.

These are just a few ways to stage your office plants. As you can see, the possibilities are many and varied, so don’t be afraid to experiment. Get in touch with an office plant professional in your area who can share all their tricks of the trade on how to best decorate your office using plants.

Euro Design vs. U.S Design Trends: Which Is Best for Your Space?

People spend a lot of time in their offices. Whether you have a home or traditional office, the design and layout can either help or hinder productivity. While there are a few common themes in all design trends, each area of the world has different trends for the most part. This article covers the differences between European and American designs. By knowing the difference, you can decide which one works best for your office space.

Bringing Nature Inside

As mentioned above, some trends can be found in both Europe and America. Bringing the great outdoors inside is one of them, an easy way to do this is with office planters. Plants help bring a little color into an otherwise uneventful office design, and they supply employees with extra oxygen. Studies show that office plants help improve indoor air quality and reduce stress. When employees are less stressed, they’re more productive.

U.S. Trend: Bringing in Natural Light

If there’s one trend that is big in America, it’s bringing natural light into your office space. Americans spend around 90 percent off their time inside. The majority of that time is in an office. Studies show that the lack of natural light not only negatively influences mood but also hurts productivity. Most American designers say that natural light is one of the most overlooked office designs in modern history.

American offices are bringing in more natural light by removing walls and making work spaces that are more open. Cubicles hinder interactions between employees and block natural light. Open your office space to let natural light flow in.

European Trend: The Return of Natural Wood

For a long time, Americans used a lot of natural wood in the design of their offices. Now, businesses in America have increasingly turned toward a more modern look. In Europe, however, natural wood is still going strong. There are many reasons why natural wood makes such a huge impact, but most designers agree that the biggest reason is because of the feel it gives an office.

Wood creates a very warm and inviting atmosphere. European companies want their employees to feel warm and welcomed when they come to work. This creates a strong bond for employees and their employers that goes beyond just professional.

U.S. Trend: Break Spaces

When most people think of a “break space”, they think of an area where employees eat lunches during a break. However, new trends in America are taking this idea to a whole new level. Inspired by companies such as Google, businesses are creating spaces where employees come together and work in unity. These break spaces are casual and provide employees with a place to become inspired. When employees work together, the company wins.

European Trend: Space Saving

European offices are often smaller than their American counterparts, because of a lack of space from overcrowding. This has resulted in a trend of saving space or getting the most out of the space available. Sometimes this includes multiple employees sharing the same office area. Saving space is done in multiple ways. One common method is using a desk that is built into the wall. These desks are typically long and seat multiple people. It saves space and allows employees to work closely together.

An example of where space restriction has influenced design trends in Europe is the popular upright plant containers. These are usually a taller and slimmer container in the shape of either a square or circular form. It can be tucked into a corner nicely saving space. This linear sleek lined style of planter, similar to The Couture Range from PlantFinderPro, usually uses a smaller plant type in order to be less obtrusive and provide a more stylish introduction without taking up valuable office space.

There is no wrong way to choose a design for your office. Look at designs online to find one that speaks to you. Don’t spend too much time wondering if the design choice is American or European. Instead, focus on improving employee relations and productivity. If you can do this and you like the look of your office, then it doesn’t matter where the design originated.

Improve Employee Productivity with Green Interior Design

You don’t need an advanced degree in environmental psychology to know that plants attract the eye and soothe the mind. There are many psychological and health benefits of the plant-adorned work environment.

Researchers say that office plants benefit the residents of buildings and the constructions themselves. Inner office landscapes play an essential role in developing a pleasant, tranquil interior in which people enjoy working, moving, and relaxing. A corporate plant service can help any office environment appear more welcoming.

Plants and Stress Reduction

It’s natural. Most people instinctively feel close to nature when green plants and trees are included in the environment. The office in which we work seems more “relaxed” and there’s less ambient noise.

At the same time, a plant-filled interior seems interesting and energizing. The American Psychological Association reports that inner landscapes dramatically affect people who work, move, and play in them. What’s more, researchers at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) write that environments “devoid of nature” create a sense of discord in those living in them.

Research shows:

Office workers demonstrate more productivity and say they’re happier when a green-infused interior landscape surrounds them.

Hospital patients say they feel less stress when the interior environment includes green plants and trees.

For businesses and organizations in search of greater productivity, fewer employee sick days, and enhanced learning environments, it’s important to include a green interior environment.

Plants and Air Quality

Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) is real. Researchers say that green plants and trees fight poor air quality issues and improve the indoor environment.

Although researchers haven’t identified all the factors that cause SBS, it’s believed that poor light and humidity control, along with high levels of background noise, can create a sick building.

Plants can improve SBS. Because they naturally exchange water and gases with the surrounding interior, they work hard to:

-Keep air temperatures cool

-Increase humidity

-Reduce dust particles in the air

-Lower CO2 levels

-Reduce several pollutants in the air, such as NO2 and C6H6

The interior landscape is part of creating a sustainable green environment. For businesses and organizations pursuing LEED certification, inner and exterior landscaping plays a significant part.

Plants Reduce Background Noise

Truck drivers and others who spend lots of time in a vehicle know that trees and greenery lessen noise on busy highways and roads. Research has recently demonstrated that interior landscaping that includes plants can reduce noise in the office, school, hospital, or library, too.

Plants actually absorb, diffuse, or diffract noise in the environment. Adding plants to the interior landscape can increase the comfort for its residents.

Interior landscaping includes more than adding a few green plants to the work or living space. For instance, some plants do a better job than others in absorbing high frequency sound. In other environments, plants work synergistically with hard surfaces.

Although there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, engaging a professional plant service can help make the inner and exterior environment healthier and more charming.

Plants and Cost-Effective Interior Design

Natural beauty can enhance the interior office or workplace environment. Although many people find certain plants more beautiful than others, the benefits of plants are greater than mere aesthetic appeal. The inclusion of plants and trees in office design can encourage inhabitants to enjoy going to work and encourage productivity at work.

Beauty as part of the interior environment isn’t frivolous. Adding greenery to the conference room, reception desk, or individual office spaces can brighten the interior at a relatively low cost. Using green plants, palms, ficus, succulents, and cacti can invigorate visitors, customers, vendors, and clients of your business.

Plants and Workplace Retention

Are you struggling to motivate your employees? Is the productivity rate around the office not what it could be? Do you dream of finding a solution that will engage your workers and keep the workplace hopping with ideas, plans, and an overall positive culture?

There’s a simple and unexpected way to boost efficiency among your staffers, and it is with interior plantscaping. That’s right, the plants that you keep around the office might be the difference between a good quarter and a bad one. It can even improve your long-term employee retention!

So how do plants make such a big impact on the workplace? What benefits can you expect to enjoy when you start putting palms and ficus in your employees’ space? Here are just a few ways that a touch of nature can invigorate your office.

Cleaner Air

There are many indoor plants that improve air quality just by living and growing in the same space. They work by stripping toxins, pollutants, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the atmosphere and replacing them with fresh, pure oxygen.

General plants that are good for air quality include:

– Ferns
– Peace lilies
– Spider plants

You can also introduce specific species if you’re looking to remove specific pollutants from the air:

– Garden mums will eliminate ammonia.
– Bamboo palms are good for trichloroethylene.
– Dracaena will tackle benzene, formaldehyde and xylene.

Less Sickness

There are more benefits to purifying your air than just sucking in deep lungfuls of cool, clean oxygen. In addition to its refreshing qualities, clean air will also reduce the amount of health problems among your employees. For example, those who suffer from asthma and allergies will sniffle less when the air is being cleared of dust. Those who are struggling against fatigue and inattention will be perked up by the removal of CO2, a common cause of lethargy. There are even plants like lemon balm, with sweet fragrances, that have a calming effect on the brain. They’re used in aromatherapy treatments in spas and salons nationwide, so they can be used in your office, too.


A necessity of having office plants is having enough light to grow them. But were you aware that your employees will reap the benefits of regular sunshine just like your plants will? Every time that you open the shades for your philodendrons or install a skylight for your bonsai trees, you’re also throwing back the shadows of your office and allowing your employees to soak up vitamin D. There are many benefits to this kind of vitamin absorption, including:

– Stronger immune systems
– Healthier bones
– More resistance to colds and cancers
– Decreased risk of suicide, depression and anxiety
– Better, brighter moods

If you want an easy way to boost the overall atmosphere of your office, put a few plants in the office space nd open up the blinds.

Employee Engagement

Last but not least, your employees will simply feel better in a well-tended, well-maintained office rather than one that’s dimly lit and collecting dust. Would you feel motivated to give your best performance if you were stuck in a shadowy corner with stale air? Or would you feel stronger, fresher, and more productive in a bright, pleasant office filled with colorful foliage and blooming bushes? Don’t underestimate the impact of office aesthetics. They can make all the difference in the health and happiness of your employees.

If you’re looking for a unique but useful way to improve office productivity, consider adding some plants to your interior design. Contact PlantFinderPro to connect you to a plant professional in your area.

Top Air Quality Improving Plants For Your Office

Plants can be more than just decorative pieces for your office. Certain species are capable of everything from reducing humidity to stripping pollutants out of the air; so, if you’re looking for easy, affordable ways to improve your workplace, here are six plants to place in your space.

1. Philodendrons

These leafy plants might not be as well-known as roses and gardenias, but they’re one of the top species in the world when it comes to improving indoor air quality. Philodendron will naturally strip the air of pollutants and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Research suggests that chronic exposure to VOCs can result in things like drowsiness, headaches and the inability to focus; removing them from your environment might just boost employee productivity in general.

2. Peace Lilies

Peace lilies produce gorgeous white flowers that will add a touch of sophistication to any interior design. They’ll look great contrasted against a dark carpet or the rich wooden mahogany of your office furniture. As a bonus, they’re also a species that will combat VOCs and keep your air quality fresh and pure; multiple research institutions have proven the efficacy of peace lilies against dust, pollen, dander and general toxins. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a nice decoration or a useful resource against workplace pollution; peace lilies will fit the bill in both respects.

3. English Ivy

Does your office have a mold problem? English ivy can help. In addition to being a low-key, laid-back plant that will grow in some pretty challenging conditions, it’s also been proven to fight back against mold thanks to its natural ability to clean the air.

4. Golden Pothos

If you’re a busy professional without a lot of time or energy for an indoor greenhouse, this is the plant for you. Golden pothos are famous for their easy upkeep. They don’t need a lot of sunlight; they don’t need a lot of water; they thrive in crowded pots, so they won’t need to be re-planted as they grow. If you want a plant that will basically keep <i>itself</i> alive, consider the golden pothos.

The effectiveness of a plants air cleaning performance depends on how healthy it is itself. With ever increasing work schedules, the health and wellness of a plant can be a low priority. Contacting a plant professional in your area for a maintenance service such as PlantFinderPro will keep your plants healthy and your air quality cleaner.

Why Do We Decorate for the Holidays? Which is Best for Your Space?

Running any commercial establishment is a tough job as tenant occupancy and satisfaction coupled with losses become the focus of daily routines. Part of creating a successful work environment or welcoming space for visitors is decorating the interior spaces. Employees will see and interact with these areas for 40 hours or more each week, so any decorations must be well thought out. As the holidays arrive, it’s time to understand why decorating is important and what is best for the commercial space.

Adding the Comforts of Home

When you decorate a commercial building for the holidays, it simulates the comforts of home. For most people, the holidays signify a time when families come together and enjoy the season as a unit. Comforts of home usually include decorative displays on both the interior and exterior of the property. When businesses add decorations to their properties, the same emotions are built up in the workforce. As a result, employees are pleased to come to work during the holidays because it reminds them of home and adds to the closeness they feel with their colleagues.

Updating the Space

Businesses also decorate the office because they want to keep the areas fresh for their customers and employees. As decorations change throughout the year, people are reminded of the season and time passing. The addition of holiday decorations might indicate that year’s end is closely approaching, and the workforce needs to complete their projects as quickly as possible. The decorations also keep the interior fresh so that it doesn’t seem like the same space every single day during the year. A stagnant interior can lead to a lackluster employee pool that doesn’t produce the results that the business requires.

Avoiding Distractions

Decorating the office might be a positive contribution to the workforce, but it must be designed as intelligently as possible. Although dozens of blinking lights might be attractive at your home, those same strands can be distracting for workers. Keep the flashy decorations to a minimum, and concentrate on quality additions, such as wreaths or garland. Don’t hang a lot of decorations from the ceiling either because they can become a hazard for the taller employees in your company. Simplicity is the best strategy when decorating any commercial facility.

Keeping up Traffic Flow

Holiday decorations come in nearly any size or shape, which encourages people to add a lot of items to a small area. Ideally, install only a small amount of decorations throughout the office. Any walkways or meeting areas must remain clear so that work traffic can still flow for optimal productivity. Concentrate on grand decorations around focal points such as fountains or other wide-open spaces. Their impact will be greater in these areas while keeping the walkways open to movement across the office.

Being Considerate

When the holidays arrive, there are several festivities being held over the course of days or weeks. Employers need to be sensitive of different needs during this period so a general decorating strategy can be employed. Evergreen plants and various colors on other decorations might be used to convey the holiday spirit without mentioning a certain denomination or deity. You might be careful of certain allergies when decorating with real plants too. Avoid any plants that are bothersome to allergy sufferers while focusing on species that are pleasant for nearly every employee.

Hiring an interiorscaper is a smart choice for any business that wants to create a truly refined space. From decorative plants to specific color schemes, plant professional can change the way employees and customers view a business from the moment that they step in the door. Contact PlantFinderPro to find someone who can help decorate your commercial space for the holidays.