Every container featured in the Couture Range is handcrafted by our Livingreen Design manufacturing partner and their highly experienced team. All Livingreen Design products are made by hand to the highest standards, operating within a rigid quality control policy to ensure not only the beauty of their products, but also, their quality.

Each plant container is made from Livingreen Design’s own formulation of fiberglass (GRP) which they describe as Advanced Composite (AC), including some additions and alterations they make to the raw material in order to achieve the strength, quality, and finish that is the hallmark of the Livingreen Design brand. Very similar to the composites now used to manufacture race cars, airliners, and wind turbines; AC is lightweight, super strong, and capable of being formed into almost any shape—the perfect material for planters. Using the unique AC formulation, Livingreen Design makes striking designs of outstanding quality. The secret? Simply taking fiberglass as a base and adding modern materials and manufacturing techniques to create AC plant containers that are the perfect solution to every situation.