PlantFinderPro Announces the Launch of The Couture Range of Planters

couture 4PlantFinderPro is excited to announce the launch of The Couture Range, a high-end design range of plant containers, designed and manufactured by Livingreen Design.  As the sole U.S distributor of these products, PlantFinderPro aims to make European-style, design-lead planters more accessible and easy to source in the U.S. The official launch date for The Couture Range is April 10th, 2017.

PlantFinderPro believes The Couture Range will provide unique sizes, forms, textures, colors, and finishes previously unavailable in the U.S, to make a bold statement in any space.  The Couture Range will be an excellent addition in commercial buildings, a retail setting, or as part of any restaurant or hospitality decor.

The best way to view the range is online via the PlantFinderPro website where you can see each style, available sizes, colors and finishes as well as retail pricing.  Trade pricing can be accessed once an account is set up.

Karen Sawyer, Director of Sales and Marketing for Livingreen Design, says, “After seeing the success of our products in Europe and the Middle east, we have been trying to find a channel to bring our products to the U.S. market for many years.  PlantFinderPro, with their industry know-how, was the natural choice as a partner.”

Company Bio:

PlantFinderPro connects businesses seeking indoor plants, potted plants, container design, holiday décor, and other horticultural services to the best interiorscaping professionals throughout North America. We help make your office, lobby, hotel, or retail space a better place for your colleagues or customers by connecting you to the professionals that have the expertise and know-how to bring your design vision to life!  The Couture Range of Planters, distributed exclusively through PlantFinderPro allows interiorscapers and designers access to European-style planters.

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