Why Do We Decorate for the Holidays? Which is Best for Your Space?

Running any commercial establishment is a tough job as tenant occupancy and satisfaction coupled with losses become the focus of daily routines. Part of creating a successful work environment or welcoming space for visitors is decorating the interior spaces. Employees will see and interact with these areas for 40 hours or more each week, so any decorations must be well thought out. As the holidays arrive, it’s time to understand why decorating is important and what is best for the commercial space.

Adding the Comforts of Home

When you decorate a commercial building for the holidays, it simulates the comforts of home. For most people, the holidays signify a time when families come together and enjoy the season as a unit. Comforts of home usually include decorative displays on both the interior and exterior of the property. When businesses add decorations to their properties, the same emotions are built up in the workforce. As a result, employees are pleased to come to work during the holidays because it reminds them of home and adds to the closeness they feel with their colleagues.

Updating the Space

Businesses also decorate the office because they want to keep the areas fresh for their customers and employees. As decorations change throughout the year, people are reminded of the season and time passing. The addition of holiday decorations might indicate that year’s end is closely approaching, and the workforce needs to complete their projects as quickly as possible. The decorations also keep the interior fresh so that it doesn’t seem like the same space every single day during the year. A stagnant interior can lead to a lackluster employee pool that doesn’t produce the results that the business requires.

Avoiding Distractions

Decorating the office might be a positive contribution to the workforce, but it must be designed as intelligently as possible. Although dozens of blinking lights might be attractive at your home, those same strands can be distracting for workers. Keep the flashy decorations to a minimum, and concentrate on quality additions, such as wreaths or garland. Don’t hang a lot of decorations from the ceiling either because they can become a hazard for the taller employees in your company. Simplicity is the best strategy when decorating any commercial facility.

Keeping up Traffic Flow

Holiday decorations come in nearly any size or shape, which encourages people to add a lot of items to a small area. Ideally, install only a small amount of decorations throughout the office. Any walkways or meeting areas must remain clear so that work traffic can still flow for optimal productivity. Concentrate on grand decorations around focal points such as fountains or other wide-open spaces. Their impact will be greater in these areas while keeping the walkways open to movement across the office.

Being Considerate

When the holidays arrive, there are several festivities being held over the course of days or weeks. Employers need to be sensitive of different needs during this period so a general decorating strategy can be employed. Evergreen plants and various colors on other decorations might be used to convey the holiday spirit without mentioning a certain denomination or deity. You might be careful of certain allergies when decorating with real plants too. Avoid any plants that are bothersome to allergy sufferers while focusing on species that are pleasant for nearly every employee.

Hiring an interiorscaper is a smart choice for any business that wants to create a truly refined space. From decorative plants to specific color schemes, plant professional can change the way employees and customers view a business from the moment that they step in the door. Contact PlantFinderPro to find someone who can help decorate your commercial space for the holidays.

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