Euro Design vs. U.S Design Trends: Which Is Best for Your Space?

People spend a lot of time in their offices. Whether you have a home or traditional office, the design and layout can either help or hinder productivity. While there are a few common themes in all design trends, each area of the world has different trends for the most part. This article covers the differences between European and American designs. By knowing the difference, you can decide which one works best for your office space.

Bringing Nature Inside

As mentioned above, some trends can be found in both Europe and America. Bringing the great outdoors inside is one of them, an easy way to do this is with office planters. Plants help bring a little color into an otherwise uneventful office design, and they supply employees with extra oxygen. Studies show that office plants help improve indoor air quality and reduce stress. When employees are less stressed, they’re more productive.

U.S. Trend: Bringing in Natural Light

If there’s one trend that is big in America, it’s bringing natural light into your office space. Americans spend around 90 percent off their time inside. The majority of that time is in an office. Studies show that the lack of natural light not only negatively influences mood but also hurts productivity. Most American designers say that natural light is one of the most overlooked office designs in modern history.

American offices are bringing in more natural light by removing walls and making work spaces that are more open. Cubicles hinder interactions between employees and block natural light. Open your office space to let natural light flow in.

European Trend: The Return of Natural Wood

For a long time, Americans used a lot of natural wood in the design of their offices. Now, businesses in America have increasingly turned toward a more modern look. In Europe, however, natural wood is still going strong. There are many reasons why natural wood makes such a huge impact, but most designers agree that the biggest reason is because of the feel it gives an office.

Wood creates a very warm and inviting atmosphere. European companies want their employees to feel warm and welcomed when they come to work. This creates a strong bond for employees and their employers that goes beyond just professional.

U.S. Trend: Break Spaces

When most people think of a “break space”, they think of an area where employees eat lunches during a break. However, new trends in America are taking this idea to a whole new level. Inspired by companies such as Google, businesses are creating spaces where employees come together and work in unity. These break spaces are casual and provide employees with a place to become inspired. When employees work together, the company wins.

European Trend: Space Saving

European offices are often smaller than their American counterparts, because of a lack of space from overcrowding. This has resulted in a trend of saving space or getting the most out of the space available. Sometimes this includes multiple employees sharing the same office area. Saving space is done in multiple ways. One common method is using a desk that is built into the wall. These desks are typically long and seat multiple people. It saves space and allows employees to work closely together.

An example of where space restriction has influenced design trends in Europe is the popular upright plant containers. These are usually a taller and slimmer container in the shape of either a square or circular form. It can be tucked into a corner nicely saving space. This linear sleek lined style of planter, similar to The Couture Range from PlantFinderPro, usually uses a smaller plant type in order to be less obtrusive and provide a more stylish introduction without taking up valuable office space.

There is no wrong way to choose a design for your office. Look at designs online to find one that speaks to you. Don’t spend too much time wondering if the design choice is American or European. Instead, focus on improving employee relations and productivity. If you can do this and you like the look of your office, then it doesn’t matter where the design originated.

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