What is PlantFinderPro?

PlantFinderPro connects businesses seeking indoor plants or office plant services, potted plants, container designs, holiday plants and décor as well as other horticultural services to the best interiorscaping professionals throughout North America. PlantFinderPro enables you to make your office, lobby, hotel, or retail space a better place for you, your colleagues, and/or customers by connecting you to the professionals qualified to bring your design vision to life!

Our mission is to connect people who are seeking plant services and high-end plant containers to interiorscapers who provide these services using the PlantFinderPro Network.

PlantFinderPro fills the gap between the interiorscaping industry and the growth in digital buying habits. Our vision combines industry experience, digital marketing techniques, innovation, and technology to connect the interiorscaping industry with customers looking to source and buy plant products and services online for their business, personal, or public spaces.

Our core values revolve around our love for plants, plant design, and the interiorscaping industry. PlantFinderPro is dedicated to our friends and customers in the interiorscaping industry. We believe in sharing what we know to help your business become more successful.

Live Plants

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Green Walls

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Replica Plants

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Holiday Decor

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Exterior Plants


Couture Planters

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Why Plants

In addition to the aesthetics and sense of well-being that good plant design brings to your space, did you know it can also:

  • Increase the duration of time spent in a space
  • Increase productivity in the work place
  • Increase humidity and oxygen levels
  • Reduce harmful air pollutants, dust and air temperature

The Couture Range of Planters

The Couture Range is a high-end design range of plant planters. What makes the Couture Range different?

  • Influenced by trends in European interior design
  • Unique sizes, forms, textures and finishes
  • Makes a bold and memorable statement in any space

The PlantFinderPro Interiorscapers Network

As a leading interiorscaping professional, become part of the PlantFinderPro Network and get access to:

  • Sales inquiries from businesses looking for horticultural and holiday plant and décor services in your city
  • Marketing literature and collateral you can use with your customers in your business
  • Access to dealer pricing of the Couture Range of planters