Top Air Quality Improving Plants For Your Office

Plants can be more than just decorative pieces for your office. Certain species are capable of everything from reducing humidity to stripping pollutants out of the air; so, if you’re looking for easy, affordable ways to improve your workplace, here are six plants to place in your space.

1. Philodendrons

These leafy plants might not be as well-known as roses and gardenias, but they’re one of the top species in the world when it comes to improving indoor air quality. Philodendron will naturally strip the air of pollutants and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Research suggests that chronic exposure to VOCs can result in things like drowsiness, headaches and the inability to focus; removing them from your environment might just boost employee productivity in general.

2. Peace Lilies

Peace lilies produce gorgeous white flowers that will add a touch of sophistication to any interior design. They’ll look great contrasted against a dark carpet or the rich wooden mahogany of your office furniture. As a bonus, they’re also a species that will combat VOCs and keep your air quality fresh and pure; multiple research institutions have proven the efficacy of peace lilies against dust, pollen, dander and general toxins. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a nice decoration or a useful resource against workplace pollution; peace lilies will fit the bill in both respects.

3. English Ivy

Does your office have a mold problem? English ivy can help. In addition to being a low-key, laid-back plant that will grow in some pretty challenging conditions, it’s also been proven to fight back against mold thanks to its natural ability to clean the air.

4. Golden Pothos

If you’re a busy professional without a lot of time or energy for an indoor greenhouse, this is the plant for you. Golden pothos are famous for their easy upkeep. They don’t need a lot of sunlight; they don’t need a lot of water; they thrive in crowded pots, so they won’t need to be re-planted as they grow. If you want a plant that will basically keep <i>itself</i> alive, consider the golden pothos.

The effectiveness of a plants air cleaning performance depends on how healthy it is itself. With ever increasing work schedules, the health and wellness of a plant can be a low priority. Contacting a plant professional in your area for a maintenance service such as PlantFinderPro will keep your plants healthy and your air quality cleaner.

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